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the loadshading time has been reduced!!!!!
What a pity !!
to get 10 hours light a day we have to say hurray
It's because we are nepali
we are 2nd richest in water sources but we say hurray when we get 10 hours of light!!!
any way it's a good news for all of you
i don't want to say more enjoy your extended light time!!!
for the time table please see below
however i couldnot manage an english version
i hope you all have nepali fonts , it's a shame if you don't have one . haha just joking.


  1. Anonymous says:

    its totally awesome............

    thanks for the sedhule

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow i searched everywhere and its here

    hurray!!!!!!!!!!! i got the sedhule

  3. Thanks for the schedule.....but but how can i know that ki which group which area.... if u can, can you explain me it will appreciate....thanks

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