I'm always looking for writers who can write good quality posts on Sab Thikhak Blog about the nepali happenings, political opinions, information on nepali celebrities.

There are so few information about nepali culture, nepali people in the internet. I want to make a bigger presence of nepali society in the blogosphere. And I want young energetic nepali community to contribute to my small effort.

In return you will get full credit for the post, a short bio at the bottom of every post you make. The bio will included links to the author's blog and the link to author's social networks profiles.

There are some rules for posting in Sab ThikThak blog. I think it is very easy to follow.
  • post /article should not be from anywhere else on the internet. But you can get ideas and rewrite it in your style . Like if you are writing about some news from some nepali news site, do not just copy it, grab the main points and rewrite in your style adding your personal opinions about it.
  • if post/article is about some celebrities please try to make the article true and fair. Do not include harsh remarks or unhealthy language. 
  • Make the content more interesting and interactive. Ask for comments and opinions in every post, and respond with gratitude, respect, and authenticity so that Users will be more engaged.


Please send your article below. Write your own bio and the links you want to add in bio box in mail ,and I will add these information at the end of your post .Thanks in advance . I am waiting for your articles .