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Some of the best bands of the Nepali music industry joined hands to promote peace among the youth through the concert themed “Youth against Violence” at Bhrikuti Mandap on Saturday. Bands like Mukti n Revival, Robin and the New Revolution, the Shadows, Hari Maharjan Project and Vhumi showcased their talent to dissuade the youth from taking up violence.

Underground outfit Vhumi started the gig with some of their originals including “Bhariya” and “Stoned Hunter”. Then came the Hari Maharjan Project, a trio of Haris on guitar, Rizzu on bass and Daniel on the drums, playing the instrumental compositions of Hari. Their music was certainly new to the regular concert goers and was well received. The Shadows were on next playing their originals. The band was tight in its performance and got the audience to sing along. They played their originals from their previous as well as new albums: “Prakriti” and “Hidne maanchhe ladchha” being the most famous among them.

The crowd raised a commotion when Robin and the New Revolution took to the stage. Robin's charisma and the band's neat performance made the crowd go wild and the level of excitement was rising with each note. They played songs from Robin's old albums with Looza and also songs composed with the Revolution. Addressing the cause behind the concert during his performance,Robin sang some of his songs with social messages like “Keta Keti” and “Nepal”. To end their set, the band played their rendition of the hit Bollywood song “Dum Maaro Dum”.

Robin invited Mukti n Revival to perform next, introducing the front man Mukti Shakya as his old friend and inspiration. When the band entered the stage, the audience could not hold its excitement as all screamed with excitement seeing the band onstage after a long hiatus. Mukti did not start right away but took some time to introduce the organisers Ranav, Samik and Aavas, while also explaining the importance of abandoning violence. He praised the organisers for their effort and the successful show they had managed to put up.

he band started with Shiva Anthem, their instrumental tribute to Lord Shiva, followed by their socially influenced number “Dekhdaichhu Ma” from their latest album of the same name. They followed it up with a few other numbers from the same album.

The concert saw huge participation of youngsters. Meanwhile, a petition signing programme was also held on the occasion. The audience members signed a big spread of cloth which called for youngsters to resist from burning tyres during protests.



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