Some of the finest bands from the underground scene in Kathmandu got together on “the 13th” Dec., Saturday for the Underground uproar IV, an annual feast of underground music organised by KtmROCKS in partnership with the Nepal Hemophiliac Society (NHS) this time. Held at the ground of the Mahendra Police Club, the organisers were amazed at the huge turnout.
The concert was opened by a new band playing covers of Megadeath's song Kill the King and Symphony of Destruction. The band, Aghast, was playing with KtmROCKS for the first time and its members were very excited to open the show, which is possibly the biggest underground event of the year. They also played their originals Termination and Prisoner of My Own with a taste of thrash metal. The band was lacking in stage presence though, the band perhaps a little fazed by the crowd.
They were followed by Stairs of Cirith, a progressive rock band. They started with the cover of Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers. The band was tight and well-coordinated and the guitarist's solos in their originals “Maile Hideko Paila” and “Ek Raat, Harek Raat” seemed to impress those watching, although some seemed a little dazed.
The next on stage was Lost Oblivion which is popular in the scene for its Lamb of God covers. With great stage presence and equal talent with music, the band got the crowd head banging. It continued to wow the audience with the songs fade, The Never Stops and My Friend is Telling Me to Kill.
Arachnids, another of the highly appreciated bands in the scene, up next. The band embraced the sea of people and its vocalist Prabin lived up to his reputation as the wildest performer to grace the scene. Their originals All We Remembered, Trauma is the Trigger, “Aneshwor Ko kalo Raat Haru” and “Adrishya shaitan” were all well received. The ended with Desperate Cry, a Sepultura cover during the performance of which the crowd formed a huge moshpit.
Antim Grahan took the stage next with the crowd chanting the band's name on top of their voices. The band started with 300 from their last album followed by I, Lucifer which the vocalist announced was from their upcoming album. With enthusiast crowd support, the band went on to play their first Nepali song “Pasu Samrajya” and another new number The Ruin of Immortal from their upcoming album. By the time the band finished its set with its most popular Forever Winter, the crowd had gotten wild enough to climb on stage and headbang with the band members still playing.
Vhumi was clever enough to let the crowd settle down before starting their performance. It turned out to be a prudent gesture as it would have difficult to manage the crowd once it was out of control. The organisers and the band members of Vhumi should be given credit on how well they managed the crowd at that point. When Vhumi started its performance the crowd was in an uproar and it swayed with the numbers Vhumi belted out. The band's set was all originals with their songs “Dharani”, Stone Hunter Bhariya and Dazzling Face.
The Time too dazzled the crowd with their well-composed fusion instrumentals. Their performance was tight as always and the drummer was the show stealer.
Bitter Euphemism, a much anticipated band in the scene after its long hiatus and the band involved in the organising, was the last to perform. The band played Dying Fetus's Schematics, Necrophagist's Foul Body Autopsy and Lightening, their original.
Though their set was short the band was successful in causing a tumult in the audience.
The audience seemed pretty impressed at the display of talents. The big names of the Underground had been brought together by KtmROCKS and this time, for a social cause.
Manil Shrestha , secretary of NHS said, "We at the NHS are dedicated in informing the public about hemophilia, a rare disorder. We observed that most of the audience that come to the underground gigs are well-educated, [a few potential doctors, maybe] so we decided to join hands with KtmROCKS for this event."
Umes Shrestha, the man behind KtmROCKS, on the other hand, was delighted at the turn out. "This is probably the biggest audience we have received till date" he said. "All our expectations for a perfect gig have been matched. We had a good sound system, the band line up was great and the crowd, decent." The concert, organised by KtmROCKS after a gap of eight months, has given continuity to the legacy of KtmROCKS.

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