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Each year new batch of students reach their final year of schooling to give their SLC exam.
It is known as the "iron gate". Every year they study to pass their most awaited slc exam.
Also SLC is famous for the cheating environment and one can look papers of any one of his/her room. Anyways it is of the national standard and we must respect the SLC

This time SLC exam is to take place from chaitra 12 , march 25 in english date. Almost the course of the exam have been finished by all the schools and may are giving special coaching to improve their students performance in this "iron gate".From last year onwards the government has been holding SLC in a new format, including the syllabus only of class ten as against syllabus of both class 9 and 10 in previous years. The new batch of students should feel themselves lucky to give exams from just one year of study compared to 2 years of before batches. So last year there was a record in the pass percentage. Creating a new record with the highest ever pass percentage in the entire 74-year long history of the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination, a total of 195,689 out of 307,078 regular students passed the examination held from March 17 to 27 this year. The pass percentage this time was 63.73. This is 5.09 per cent higher than the ‘record’ last year.

All you SLC students do not panic for the exams. Treat it just like any other normal exams but do not ignore it because it is of national level and it is recognized al over the country. Without passing SLC you are no where to go.
At least one hour of reading is needed. As to pass SLC only the main 5 subjects is enough give special care in them. they are nepali, english, math, social and science. For maths and opt books of nb khatako and dr simkhada are good. All you slc takers best of luck. May all you get passed on this "iron gate".



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