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Parash – vocals
Pankaj – guitars
Niraj – keys
Sabin – drums
Sunny – bass
With almost an apocalyptical name, Black Metallers Antim Grahan has returned once again to scorch the underground scene of Nepal. Formed in the early 2004, Black Metallers Antim Grahan rise from Kathmandu. The band took a hiatus for about 2 and half years when the front man of the band went abroad for his further studies, but as now he has returned, they are back in business with a few line up changes. Fronted by the vocalist Parash, Antim Grahan is Pankaj on guitars, Sunny on bass, Niraj on keys and Sabin on drums. The band has undergone a few line up changes as few of their members left the band due to their personal reasons. The band took out an EP titled ‘Forever Winter’ which was a joint production of KTMROCKS RECORDS, Mingmar Dolma Lama and Antim Grahan. Antim Grahan is the first band to have a record deal in the history of Nepali metal scene. They got the label of KTMROCKS RECORDS which happened to be the first record company in Nepal for the local underground metal scene. The EP, ‘Forever Winter’ got an overwhelming response from the metal fans which created an immense popularity of the band in the underground metal community around the country. Songs like ‘Infected’ and the title song itself ‘Forever Winter’ was a massive success.
The band says that their music is representation of pain, suffering and sinister realms of dark fantasy worlds. About their music, the band says “We really don’t want to give away any messages to our listeners whatsoever coz the whole music is represented in a very story like way, more of like fairy tales with a very dark and painful ambience and bitter endings. So all we want is that the people enjoy our music and have totally fuckin’ awesome time while listening.
After a very good response from the fans from underground community for their debut EP, “Forever Winter”, they came out with their second album titled “Tales From The Darkened Woods”. This album by the band had come in a very short time off its release of their first EP, but their 2nd album was much improved technically and musically. ‘Tales from the Darkened Woods’ is much more bigger, better and heavier then their first effort.
Carrying on to the melodic level that the band has been going on, they experimented with traditional ‘Flute’ on their 2nd album. This is the first time in Nepal that any underground metal band has introduced these kinds of experiments. The new album contains a very well received cover version of ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ originally by Iron Maiden. Again, this album was out on KTMROCKS RECORDS.
Which started as a melodic black metal approach, now the band is craving towards a bit more brutal genre of the music that they play after their reunion after a long pause. With already one EP and a full length debut album to their name, having not only Nepal but worldwide appreciation of both their effort in the countries such as Estonia, Slovakia, UK, USA, India, Australia etc, they are coming out very soon with their third outing which promises to be a one to be awaited for. After a long hiatus and with a few line up changes, Antim Grahan looks better then ever. And by the looks of things the supremacy of black metal has certainly begun.


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