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The Prime Minister’s Office has started using internet to help genuine visitors to Singha Durbar enter into the principle government secretariat without going through any unnecessary hassle.

The new system was introduced four days ago. It allows officials at the PMO to upload the name of anyone making a call from the Singha Durbar gate in computer equipped with internet facility. An arrangement has been made for police personnel deputed at the Southern Gate, the gate used for the entrance of ordinary people, to tally name of the visitors seeking entry into the Singha Durbar and the names uploaded by the PMO. The visitors would be allowed to enter into Singha Durbar only if the names matched.

At present, a commoner willing to visit Singha Durbar needs to go through a tedious process. The prospective visitor first needs to call the officials concerned in the ministry for an appointment. The official then sends a letter to the Singha Durbar Police Battalion requesting it to let the person concerned enter into the principal government secretariat.

The battalion then sends a letter to the officials deputed at the Southern Gate to let the person enter into Singha Durbar. Officials at the PMO said it takes almost two hours for the entry permission letter to reach the southern gate once the request is made.

“This (the new system) is an experiment,” said an official. “The system will be used if the experiment proved effective.”

Inspector Milan KC at Singha Durbar Police Battalion said the new measure will prove effective to regulate visitors to Singha Durbar without having them to go through unnecessary hassles.
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