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The stretch of road between Sallaghari and Surya Binayak has become a nightmare for commuters and vehicles alike, with its crater-sized potholes and drainage that is leaking onto the roads.

Rajendra Wagle, a regular traveller from Gundu VDC said that it has been more than a year since the road has been in this condition.

“Due to the pot-holed road and the foul smell coming out of the leaking drainage, it has become a problem to travel using any vehicle on that part of the road,” Wagle said.

The sewage system in the area has been damaged by local residents, and the sewage of three VDCs--Sipadol, Gundu and Katunje--has begun to leak onto the road, thus creating a flood-like situation on the road.

The Bhaktapur Department of Road has not repaired the road as of yet by saying that local residents living around Barahi Hall have not allowed the department to repair the pot-holes. According to them, the roads cannot be repaired unless local residents stop flowing drainage onto the road.

Though the construction of the Tinkune-Surya Binayak stretch is currently underway, the Sallaghai-Surya Binayak stretch will see construction only after a year. Similarly, the treaty between the government and the construction company states that the repair work from Tinkune to Manohara River should have been finished within April this year. If the construction work continues as the same speed as of now, it will take three more years for the whole stretch to be completed.
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