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Follow the following procedure after downloading the KANCHAN Nepali Font:1. Unzip the downloaded font with WinZip or any other unzip application. download Ultimatezip
2. Click the START menu of your desktop and start at SETTING.
3. Click on CONTROL PANEL.

4. Once the control panel is open, click on FONT image twice so that the FONT FILE opens.
5. After the Font File is open, click on FILE at the top of your FONT FILE and select INSTALL NEW FONTS. and click
6. After the ADD FONT file box opens, check for the KANCHAN font file in the LIST OF FILES box. If you don't find in the list, then browse the folder just below untill you find the KANCHAN FONT you have downloaded and unzipped.Double click on it.
7.Highlight your KANCHAN FONT or just click "select all" and OK button and you are done.
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