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Jindabaad!!! This band is hailed in their music network for living up to this rather radical name. Made up of members of bands like Atomic Bush and Karmavalanche these guys have been there
since the birth and progression of the Nepali underground scene.

Their musical history, individually, is tied with groups categorised strictly under heavy-metal but now wish not to be stereotyped as that. "The whole point of us coming together as a band is to free ourselves from such labels," says Rohit Shakya, vocalist of the band. He adds, "Yes, we do stay true to the kind of music we grew up with, but you will find that our music often has an abstract, mellow edge to it." Thus they prefer the more flexible category 'art rock', as the freedom to go by a mixed genre of music, they claim, brings out the best in a band.

But this band is not just big talk, as they say themselves. They actually have a strongly devoted fan base that follow them and hang on to each and every sound they make. So why not go commercial? It would only increase the already burgeoning popularity they have been able to garner for themselves. But the band isn't avoiding the commercial scene because they want to stay put to the image they've created for themselves. They seem to have viable reasons, says Sunny Tuladhar, guirarist, "The commercial scene in Nepal is low in quality. Not that it lacks talent, just that there is a lack of filtering of the products that are generated."

So mainstreaming is no option for Jindabaad, but they seem to be content with the directionless path they tread on. "In the end it all comes down to making music that will stir our listeners and even more important is that we enjoy what we do. If we could have it our way, all we would do is find a hide-away and just play," says Sunny.

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