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Police chasing Devi Prasad Regmi, who slapped CPN-UML
Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal at a party programme, in Itahari 
       Name     : Devi Prasad Regmi
Age        : 55
Address : Bharoul- 5 Sunsari
Facebook Fan Page: a fan to support him)
Superman Status after: He slapped the Chairman of CPN- UML, Jhalanath Khanal , on his left cheek on Itahari.
Afterwords from Devi: "When I saw Khanal and other leaders, I could not help but slap him, for these are the people who are responsible for ruining the country"

What Jhalanath Khanal Had to say: "Gnats and flies make no effect at all."

Now Devi Prasad is on Jail. From all across the world nepalese are supporting him. Some have even started collecting charity to remove him from jail on bail.

What he did by slapping a politician was wrong. However what politicians are doing with our country is worse. For the fight of power they are neglecting the real work that is to make the constitution. Devi only slapped but they are killing our country. What is more sinful a Slap or a Murder. Please give us your opinion by leaving a comment.

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