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In Bollywood, it was Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” that brought out the gritty images of Mumbai’s slums to the audience; in Nepal, we now have Murray Kerr’s “Sick City” scripted, directed, edited and produced by England-born Murray Kerr.

Kathmandu gets a unique exposure through Kerr’s eyes. Poverty, sex and drugs rule its tourist hub – Thamel. And Krishna, the protagonist in the film, enacted by Arpan Thapa, is a petty hustler who gambles with his life.

The film is shot in Basantapur and Thamel areas of kathmandu. Krishna, the character by Arpan Thapa, lives in the attic of a rundown house, his ambition is to make it big in life; but when his dreams for a prosperous life collide in a night, it makes for a captivating tale.

The director has infused life into Krishna’s character. And Arpan Thapa dons on the role of Krishna both in mind and body. He has superbly transformed himself into Krishna. His gait and dialogue delivery can only be applauded.

From Maya, Krishna’s wife, to the solemn rickshaw pullers in the film, everything is realistic. The director has molded himself into the film. He has not made the film for others but for himself. At KC’s shop, the radio plays songs of Narayan Gopal and Deep Shrestha. Kerr is a fan of both Gopal and Shrestha.

The film is a breakthrough in numerous ways. It is an eye opener for all the so-called Nepali film directors, Nepali film enthusiasts and wannabe Nepali filmmakers. It is so not only because of the strong script and crisp editing but for the milepost it has created in the history of Nepali filmmaking. This is a film that has come out of Kathmandu, the power centre of the nation and the Nepali film industry. Amazingly, it does stand out.

Sick City does not have the natural diversity of Mustang or Jomsom or the escapism that is enrobed in each Nepali commercial film. It has a sensitivity that is hard to deny. It is the story of a city – our very own Kathmandu. Manu, Laxmi, Maya, and Krishna are all struggling in this city that only eats on their souls. If one must move ahead in life, as fate unfolds, the others must be sacrificed.

Tiny hopeful moments, however, sparkle in between the scenes, and so do regret and crime. Though the film ends in tragedy, it, among other things, gives hope to all Nepali youngsters who aspire to work behind the camera. It proves that there are stories hidden in every nook and corner of Kathmandu, they are just waiting to be told and unfolded.

Production, script, direction, and editing: Murray Kerr
Cast: Arpan Thapa, Sara Lama, Jayananda Lama, Manu Thapa, Binod Paudel, Sudin Bastola, and Harisha Baniya
Original music composed and performed by Shyam Nepali
Rating: Must watch
Tags: Kollywood


  1. Anonymous says:

    it's a true and nice movie i like it and wish him please make nepali movie something as like this very nice movie keep it up u are great men dude,

  2. Anjit says:

    Wer can I watch dis movie

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think there's is not much promotion about this movie, but watching the preview looks the director and the casts have done a excellent job. Need more promo and need more clips of the movie. Same ? as above where can i get this movie to watch?

  4. ptbpmc says:

    Yesterday found a blog somewhat similar to this. It has a nice movie catalogue. You might want to check it out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its on YouTube Free to Watch

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