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As far as i know Tito Satya was one of the first nepali teleserial that started the comedy genre to the monotonous nepali teleflim industry. Tito Satya series began it's show from 2003 and before it the only famous teleflim worthy of name was the Hijo Aja Ka Kura.

"Ghar ma jau shrimati ko tention, office ma hakim ko objection.. Bato ma traffic ko ragging, Cyber Jau computer ma hacking" , the song, that started the show, was more famous than some of the popular nepali pop songs. In a way Tito satya changed the way we nepalese felt about teleserial and the era of Comedy Show began then after.

The person behind the Tito Satya is Deepak Raj Giri. He is not only the main actor of the show but also script writer and director.Other casts are
Deepa Shree Niraula as Deepa, Nirmal Sharma as Nirmal (हाकिम साब, गैडा), Raj Acharya as Raj (son of Deepak and Deepa), Gopal Nepal, Mukunda Mainali, Kaukuti Krishne, Ram Mani Bhattarai, Uddav Bhattarai.

In Media Hub Tele Awards 2067, Tito Satya won the most number of awards (seven out of 14 awards). Deepak Raj Giri of the serial bagged 3 awards for story, script, and direction categories. And the serial Tito Satya was also awarded the best comedy serial. Likewise, Deepashree Niraula got the best actress, Raj Acharya got the best child actor, and cameraman Bashanta Rupakheti bagged the best cameraman awards.

On January 13 2011 it reached it's 386 episode. Hope its fame continues and it continues to capture the hearts of nepali viewers.
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