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Douglas Evans and Jeff Imrie.

Munro solar battery charger with battery tester, is the ultimate power source for the solution of blackouts in Nepal. The Solar charger harnesses the sun's energy to power a series of LEDs providing a reliable light source.

College representative Anil Bajracharya said the battery invented by the students was cheaper than those of various companies in the market.

In Nepal a prototype of the device has received a glowing response.At the moment the technology is only equipped to produce light through solar energy, but a mark II of the design — one that will provide the energy to power other electrical appliances such as laptops and mobile phones — is currently under development.

The Munro is connected to a series of small solar panels. With a full charge it can power a "string" of 25 LEDs for 17 hours and 50 LEDs for eight hours.It is capable of producing 24 watts of electricity, greatly out-performing similar products on the market, and may prove to be as significant as the wind-up radio developed by Trevor Baylis.

The Munro was developed by joint initiative — the Skills for Employability project — between colleges in the UK and Nepal.

Funded by the British Council, the project involves the Balaju School of Engineering and Technology, Bharatpur and Trade School, Nuwakot, as well as Dundee College, which have all worked closely together since 2008 to develop technical and vocational skill training for students.

The patent of the technology of Munro is with the Balaju School of Engineering and Technology. It is now in their hands to ensure the device is manufactured and distributed to those who need it most.
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