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Whenever I get to the Tv and surf into nepali channels, this beautiful lady Simpal comes up in one music video or the another. Simpal Khanal is the most wanted lady model right now in the nepali music industry. She was well recongnized from the Promo of Telecom Ads. Her voice in advertisement of Nepal Telecommunication is also very famous.

Location:           Dillibazar, Kathmandu
DOB/AGE:       23 years
Height:              5' 4"
Weight:             47 Kg
Color of Eyes:  Black
Color of Hair:   Black
Occupation:      Fashion Designer

*Timilai kehi by Rekha Shaha
*Bal Garere by Sworup Raj Acharya
*Ali kati nazar by Shiva Pariyar

(please comment below if you know others)

I cannot remember the music videos of simpal khanal right now. If you know any please comment below and I will add them in the post. And also say which is your favourite.


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