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Keki Adhikari is a promising new name in Nepali Film Industry. With dozens of music videos and advertisement she is appearing everywhere. From folk songs to modern songs her modelling is very famous.Her carrier in a media took a start from a music video titled "Kasari" by Migma Sherpa directed by Prasanna poudel. However her first Tv appearance was on a commercial for Closeup Toothpaste. She even modelled for Anju Panta's song Jindagi Yo PhulaiPhul Ko at 103 degree fever.

Daughter of Director Badri Adhikari and Laxmi Adhikari she studied her Bachelor in Information Management from Prime College. She got her first break in Nepali Movie Industry in Swor 2009 directed by Prasanna Poudel.  She is currently working on a new movie Masaan.

Support her by liking her page in Facebook Keki Adhikari .She has already more than 5 thousand fans on facebook. She is going a long way in Kollywood.

Film Lists
  1. Films Swor 2009
  2. I am Sorry 2010
  3. Masaan (yet to be released)
Popular Music Videos
  1. Behosi Pachi- Shiva Pariyar
  2. Timro Muskan- Rajesh Payal Rai
Which one do you like. If not mentioned above add your favourite by commenting below.


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