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This is just outrageous. Not even Nepali Police can raid someones house without warrant. And Indian Police heavily armed raided a Nepali house in a headquarters way inside the Nepali Border? Are they insane, or they don't give a shit about Nepal. This kind of news really shows how much they don't care about rules and regulations. Nepal is not a state of India where you can just come in with loaded weapons. Its a separate country and its time indian government stop treating Nepal as a part of their own, it's not. And Buddha was not born in India. Get over it and please stay inside your territory. 

Ekantipur, KATHMANDU, SEP 18 -

Indian police entered Bardiya headquartes, Gulariya , with weapons and raided a house 'for criminals' on Wednesday morning.

The team of Indian police led by DSP of Lakhimpur district in Uttar Pradesh entered the house of one Manjur Prasad Shrestha inGulariya -8 and ransacked the house for criminals.

Upon receiving the information, a team of Nepal Police escorted the Indian team to a nearing Indian border. District police spokesperson DSP Rajendra Dhamala, however, refused that the Indian side had any weapons in their possession.


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