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are you a nepali who want to earn money for free?????
Ever thought of earning money????????
You must be an idiot.
Being a nepali if you are trying to earn money online is a total mistake


I am a simple nepali trying to earn money from blogging and everything that i can get from the internet. I have tried a thousand times to earn money online. Some sites are good too.
But without any investment it's impossible to earn money.
A major requirement for this is to have a bank account with an international credit card which is not applicable for a normal nepali especially students .
With it we need a paypal account for most of the payments.
It is dificult and also there are many fake sites that are trying to get the information about our credit card number and bankrupt us.

I don't say it's impossible to earn money but it is very difficult and for a normal nepali guy it's like impossible.
And there are different companies offering online jobs that take all the credit and earn in our work and give us nothing more than the dream of earning online money.

It's all i have to say
Don't get fooled around seeing free to earn
And don't register your email just to say that they will earn not you.
I am just trying to help you nepalese.

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