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nepal is a unique country in many ways. it's flag is unique, and it has the world's highest place the mount everest. plus it is the home of buddha the light of asia.recently it has been a secular country but it mostly consists of hindus. and it has created a history.
we used to read about french revolution and the the american revolution. now we nepali have created the nepali revolution.
yet it is still incomplete but our leaders have to do lot of homework.
especially the present government lead by mr pushpa kamal dahal a.k.a prachanda
if we become successful our revolution will give this world a new way and hope to do better.

neplali government is doing nothing till now. if this continues our loktantra will be of no use.

and the flight of first nepali plane called the "danfe" finally took a flight . it is the first time nepali made a plane of his own.



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