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Bibek - guitars
Rajiv - guitars
Pranay - bass
Bibek - drums
Pushkar -vocals


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GENRE:Blackened Death

STATUS: Active


Initially named as: DEAD DEFY
Location: Kathmandu
Genre: Metal
Year of Inception: 2005

Influences: Slayer

Fav Local Band: Ugra karma, Cruentus and almost all active bands.


The band was formed by Bibek (guitars), Pushkar (drums) and Binay (vocals and bass) and used to cover Sepultura back then. Two new guys- Rajiv (bass) and Bibek (drums) joined in after Binay left, so Pushkar started with vocals. Finally, Pranay walked in for bass and Rajiv switched to guitars to complete the current line up. Deadefy covers only Slayer in concerts so it is also a Slayer tribute band.

Gigs played so far:
3 gigs - One Nation Underground at MPC, Show No Mercy at NMC and Hell Awaits-II at NMC.

Till now the band has only covered Slayer on stage but are working on the originals and so far have completed 4 originals. The band is about to record two songs titled “Sovereignty of the Evil” and “Beast of Burden”

For the fans of:
Slayer and death/extreme metal fans


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