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Khagendra (Vocals), Krishna (Guitars), Yoban (Guitars), Niraj (Bass), Pujan (Drums)

Murda ko Desh


STATUS: Active


“The Band’s history does not go too far. It was 2002 when we realize that we got some potential in us. So we started jaming up regularly. We used to jam up before but hadn’t formed a band . In 2002 we formed a band. We did covers for time being until we named our band as Epitaph. Then we started composing our own stuffs. After every member passed slc, we got together regularly and jammed.”

Friends since their childhood, the members are Khagendra Raj Ghale on vocals, Krishna Gurung & Yoban Gurun on guitars, Niraj Dhakal on bass and Pujan Manandhar on drums. All band member have their own influences and thus the mix up is able to form a tight band. So far the band has completed three originals, “Murdako Desh”,”Silhouettes” and “Binasak Agragnya”

The band is working their ass off for more originals “Sceptre of Dying”, “Barbaric Regulation” and “Campaign of Terror”.

Soon the band is moving to Studio 2000 for their first ever recording.

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