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Police have revealed more details on Khyati murder case after a two-week long investigation.
At a press conference organised on Friday, police said they had concluded Khyati was killed within three hours of abduction. The final post-mortem report has shown that Khyati was hit three times by a rod before she died.
The main accused of the murder Biren Pradhan has confessed he hit Khyati with the rod to make her unconscious after the sleeping pills she had been unknowingly given failed to render her totally unconscious.
His accomplice, Merina Shakya was present during the incident and had tried to prevent Pradhan from hitting Khyati. Pradhan, however, threatened Shakya to kill both her parents and her only brother if she leaked any information about the incident.
Police have also refuted any attempts of rape before murder.
Pradhan has revealed he initially had plans to ask Rs 2.5 million in ransom. However, he changed his mind and reduced the ransom amount to Rs 1 million after Khyati accidentally died before collecting the ransom.
Police have filed a case against Pradhan on charge of kidnap and murder demanding life-imprisonment and seizure of all his properties. The penalty could be more severe if there is enough pressure from the media and the public, but it is totally up to the court to decide, police said.
Most people are demanding a death penalty to the main accused. There is no provision of death penalty in the interim constitution
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