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First Nepalese United States Marine, a Guitarist, height 5 feet 2 inches and having 115 pounds of weight Sweta Lamichhane is our only hope to win an oscar. An ex us marine corp , lamichhane has earned a degree in theatre from El Camino College, where she was involved in community theatre. Then, seeking a career in acting, she moved to Los Angeles.

In 2009, she was accepted at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, the alma mater of the likes of George Clooney, Jim Carey, and Michelle Pfeiffer, where she trains with the best of the industry.
Her achievements so far include leading roles in Destiny, a New York Film Academy production and in the short film Shoot ‘em Up, which will be pitched with Disney Channel. She has featured in MTV’s Freedom Writers and has also worked in TV shows like ER, Greek, and Glee.

Her theatrical performances include: Arranged Marriage as Mummy Ji (Love Faith Theatre/Jenna Belushi), Triage as Veronica (El Camino Theatre/Barry Maxwell), The Joy of Having a Body as Anna (El Camino Theatre/Tim Wright), and Tunnel of Love as Theresa (El Camino Theatre/Barry Maxwell). Along with films, she continues to be involved with the theatre.

She says, “This passion was put inside me for a reason, to deny it is to deny God because that passion comes from a place deep down in my soul, where I believe a piece of God lives… This is the one thing I have known my whole life and I have to follow it. My heart is leading to my Oscar.”
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