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Every time we hear something about buddha by the india (including movies and whatever), they always claim that buddha is from india. But Ramdev supported that he was from nepal.

Talking to media persons, Swami Ram Dev said, “There is no doubt that Buddha was born Nepal. Now he is a universal character.” Opposing the rumour about Buddha’s birth place being India, he said, “Any enlightened person is a dignity and pride of a nation,” adding, “I will campaign for Nepal if anyone says that Buddha was born in India,” he added.

That's a good news to all nepalese that at least some indians also say that buddha is a nepali!
But that doesnot is all . We have to make them ,the indian government and all the indians , say that buddha was born in nepal. And unless it's in every indian's head that buddha was born in nepal we must make them do so. A facebook campaign might be an option to raise awareness!!

Anyways ramdev has admitted that buddha was born in nepal and all indian should also admit this truth. All you indians reading this post get that in your mind!
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