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2010 was the year for nepali guinness world record holders. Single man Rohit Timilsina set three world records : most kisses given in one minute (116), most golf balls held in one hand for 10 seconds (24, a tie), and most tennis balls held in one hand (21).

Similarly Athiti K.C was the youngest singer of age three and has released her album.

And Min Bahadur Serchan 77 year old retired soldier finally acclaimed his Guinness Title as the oldest to climb Mount Everest (Sagarmatha). He climbed on May 25 2008 at the age of 76 years and 340 days.

Links for the Guinness World Recore Holders from nepal 2010.

                                              Rohit Timilsina For holding most tennis balls in hand
Atithi K.C for the youngest singer 


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