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Rohit Timilsina´s dream of recording his name in the Guinness Book of World Records has finally materialized. Timilsina, 25, accomplished the feat of holding 21 lawn tennis balls in his single palm as per the International Tennis Federation standard. He, however, does not seem satisfied enough.

Timilsina, a school teacher by profession and also karate black belt had nurtured the unusual dream of recording his name in the Guinness book, since he was an eighth-grader. Ten years down the line, his persistence and perseverance finally paid off. “Though I started practicing the art only three years back, I have always dreamt of doing something new to keep a world record,” Timilsina told in personal interview at a function organized to reveal the recognition by Guinness Book.

Previously, a Frenchman Arnand Desch held the record by holding 19 balls in his palm for 10 seconds. Timilsina had publicly demonstrated his skills in June 14, 2008 at the Satdobato Lawn Tennis Court in the presence of various personalities -- lawn tennis official Surya Bhushan, Sarad Lama, Supreme Court register among others. His feat was recognized eight months later in January 2009.

“My name will be published in 2010/11 edition of the Guinness Book,” Timilsina said. In each edition, a hundred million Guinness books is published in 40 different languages. Timilsina, dance and the extra -curricular teacher at the North Valley and Third Eye Academy credits his family and teachers as his source of inspiration.

“While I was an eighth-grader, I thought about walking over the fire to set a world record. However, I abandoned the idea. Few years back, I broke 99 eggs in a minute with the help of my nails to hold a world record. Then I also attempted to break tube lights with my nails. But, later I learnt that to keep the record, it was necessary that I followed Guinness guidelines. With the help of People Face I learnt the guidelines and did it accordingly, he explained.

Timilsina, however, says that though he is happy with his achievements, he hasn´t let success get into his head. “I don´t want to remain complacent,” he said, adding, “Asrida Forman of America holds the highest four world record in his name. I am working to break that. Now, I am working to set new records with basketball, football, golf and fruit.”

On the occasion Timilsina flaunted his skill of spinning basketball in his thumb for few minutes and claimed that he could do that for as long as five minutes. “If the government supported me I could set more records,” he said. Most Nepalis have set world records in mountaineering. Pratiksha Bista is another Nepali to record her name in the Guinness book of world records for her memory power.


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