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"WE ARE OFFICIALLY THE FIRST BAND FROM NEPAL ON MTV ..CHEERS !!" writes somber271 the official YouTube user of Monkey Temple band Nepal.
I watched the video "Anumati" by Monkey Temple band that was featured in MTV India, and boy that song was great. From lyrics, to music to video everything was so good. Wished there were other Nepali songs like that. 

The Nepali alternative rock band Monkey temple has become the first Nepali band to have its song broadcast on MTV India. Their five-minute video of the song Anumati from their new album Shades of Grey, has been aired on the music channel numerous times since March 15. In fact MTV used there YouTube video to air the song.

Current Line up (From their Facebook page  )
Drums: Pratap Risal
Bass: Samrat Shah
Guitar: Srijan Bikram Gewali
Guitar: PraWol Bhattarai
Vox: Sareen Deoja

Lyrics of the Song Anumati
Samaya yedi achal bhaidiye
kebal avash ko lagi mero trishana
swaorup ajhai mana ma cha mero haso mutu ma cha mero
ke uttar cha timi sita jaba oou stabda huncha bhanana
samaya ajjhai bitepani kina khadkincha bhanana
anuhar birsana garho bho ti chana haru ajjhai jhajhalko ma
aairahechan mero samakchya kina aja bhana na
ke uttar cha timi sita jaba oou stabda huncha bhana na

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  1. What about Xmantra ,,their song is also shown in MTV long time ago...I think their song is the first to get shown in internationally.

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